Friday, November 12, 2010

Cerita sebelum balik rumah 6

okay jangan sedih-sedih. we move to the next chapter.

ini betul diambil dari internet, tak tahu kenapa. aku memang tak tahan tengok ni.

sampai termimpi-mimpi aku buat cup cake nii tapi dengan siapa aku tak ingat.


dah dah, mari mulakan...

Sesame Street Cupcakes

So it is my kiddos 3rd birthday tomorrow and I am bringing treats to their Birthday Celebration.  Since I just make cake pops last week I really did not know which route to take.  Then I saw on Penguin Says Feed Me this cutest cookie monster made with colored coconut.  Brilliant, I thought and proceeded to marry it with our favorite Coconut Chick Cupcakes.
I followed the step by step instructions but instead of toasting the coconut I left it fresh.  Actually I tried to toast it when colored and it just did not look as good so I left it fresh.  I also left the frosting white and only concentrated on the coconut.

Place 1/2 bag of coconut in a ziplock back and drop few drops of food coloring until you get desired effect.  Continue with red, blue and yellow.

Now it is time to decorate.  To make a Cookie Monster roll in blue coconut, add white wafers for eyes and make pupils from chocolate chips or eatable marker.  For a cookie I added mini cookie cereal like Cookie Crisp.

For Big Bird I dipped in yellow and colored his eyes with eatable markers.  The beak was made by dipping candy corn in yellow melted chocolate.

[my fav. fuckin hellyeah]
*ini betul aku tulis.. 

Elmo was dipped in red, a yellow chocolate wafer was used for his nose.

That is how I made my Sesame Street Bunch.  With the leftover coconut, we made these colorful monsters.

They were so tasty and so cool to look at.

*Saje je taknak translatekan ke BM bukan sebab malas, esokkan korang MUET, so mesti sorang-sorang dah pro gila speaking..

sebelum terlupa, ada lagi satu..


siapa nak join buat cupcakes dengan saya??
tahu dah sorang pun taknak,
okay, saya buat sorang-sorang .ngee :D


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